Meeting To Be Held on March 17 Montevideo will receive ALIDE’s Board of Directors

On March 17, the CXXIX ALIDE’s Board of Directors Meeting will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay. The members will also attend – in the same city – to a seminar organized by ALIDE and the Banco de la República Oriental de Uruguay (Bank of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay – BROU), and to the Annual Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank Meeting (BID). 

During the meeting, institutional subjects will be addressed, the work program progresses 2012-2013 will be analyzed and the final details of the 42° ALIDE’s Shareholders’ Meeting will be defined. This meeting will focus on the inclusion from the bank of development banking and it will be held in Quito, Ecuador on May 8 and 9.

As was stated before, the Board of Directors members are: ALIDE’s Chairman, Rodrigo Sánchez Mújica, who is also general director of Fideicomisos Instituidos en Relación con la Agricultura (FIRA) -Banco de México (Trustfunds created in Relation to Agriculture – Bank of Mexico); the Vice-chairman Fernando Calloia, who is also Chairman of the Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay (BROU); and the directors: Mauro Alem, chairman of the Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior (BICE) (Investment and Foreign Trade Bank) of Argentina, Fernando Antún, general manager of the Banco Nacional de Fomento de la Vivienda y la Producción (BNV) (National Bank of Production and Housing Promotion) of Domincan Republic, and Santiago Rojas, chairman of the Banco de Comercio Exterior de Colombia (Bancóldex) (Colombian foreign trade bank).

Rommel Acevedo, ALIDE General Secretary, is also a Board member.