ADFIAP Corporate Treasury and Risk Management

When & Where:
Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: July 12-16, 2010

Program Contents:
Financial institutions have always been at the forefront of economic development of any developing or developed country. With the impact of the current global economic crisis, such role of development financial institutions has become more critical as these institutions are key components in the economic stimulus plans of governments. There are, however, two imperatives that financial intuitions under which the financial institutions must operate. One is sustainability, achieving their objectives in a sustainable manner or without risking impairment of the capacity of future generations to improve their own lot. The other is capital adequacy, maintaining sufficient capital relative to risks accepted by the financial institutions under a Basel II environment.

The common element is risk. Financial institutions need to manage risk of unsustainable growth and risk of capital loss even as it continues to support the economic, social and environmental programs of government. In addition, financial institutions are mandated to meet global financial reporting standards to enhance its accountability to its stakeholders and the public.

Course Contents and Methodology:
The objective of the seminar is to strengthen the core business functions of financial institutions, risk management, and proper financial disclosure through corporate governance principles. The participants will learn concepts and methods of risk management and financial reporting under a Basel II framework. The seminar is designed to have a balanced mix of theory and practice in through lectures, discussions, exercises, case study, sharing, integration, coaching and workshops. To maximize learning gains, the participants will be asked to analyze and render reports on case studies.

Who Should Attend:
Bank directors, officers, managers, and financial analysts.

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