ADFIAP International CEO Forum VII

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Date: November 17-19, 2010

The CEO Forum is the dialogue cum business networking event where chief executives meet and learn from their own experiences as well as from experts of other organizations worldwide. The purpose of this forum is to enable and promote an international exchange of information, experiences, and best practices on financing SMEs among banking and finance professionals and institutions and to further improve the development and growth of the SME sector.

The CEO Forum aims to eventually evolve into the largest public/private partnership of like-minded institutions. This seventh edition of the annual International Forum for Chief Executives of DFIs (CEO Forum VII) will be held in Siem Reap, Cambodia in November 2010 and will be hosted by the Rural Development Bank of Cambodia (RDB).

The first three forums, starting in 2004, were held in Kuala Lumpur under the auspices of the Association of DFIs of Malaysia (ADFIM). It moved to Bangkok in 2007 and hosted by the SME Development Bank of Thailand and then back to Kuala Lumpur through ADFIM again in 2008 and first time in Manila last year (2009).

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