ADFIAP Secretariat releases year-end report

The ADFIAP Secretariat has summarized through a one-page enewsletter, the achievements and accomplishments of the Association in 2010 which were categorized into “4P’s” – Programs, Partnerships, Participation and Progress. Programs cover the various conferences, forums, capacity-building programs and training events conducted by the Association during the year. Partnerships highlight the cooperation agreements that ADFIAP has forged with same-purposed organizations to further advance its sustainable development work and advocacy. Participation features conferences, forums, roundtables and other events that ADFIAP has been invited to speak and participate by organizations around the world. Progress showcases the remarkable increase of the Association’s membership, of it being featured in various publications, and of its inclusion in the Index Report of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as one of the organizations complying to its guidelines on sustainability reporting, among many others. Included also in this report are the three (3) big ticket events that ADFIAP and its partner-organizations will be doing in 2011 as well as the 2011 ADFIAP Calendar of Events. To see the report, please click here: ADFIAP 2010 Year End Report.