ADFIMI Azerigazbank Joint Seminar on Corporate Project Financing, Baku, Azerbaijan

What is Corporate Project Financing?

Modern corporations may use two basic methods to raise finance for their capital intensive projects:

  • borrowing under full faith and credit of the corporate balance sheet, and
  • project finance.

The latter is distinguished from the former by its emphasis on project’s cash flow based lending, and limited recourse nature of the financing.

What is the aim of the seminar?

The aim of the seminar is to impart a set of tools to evaluate large capital intensive projects with discrete cash flow for the purpose of financing, through use of limited recourse methods.

Who should attend? What basic knowledge should they possess?

The particpants should be bankers, officials from other financial institutions, project sponsors, legal professionals, and independent enginers engaged in due diligence of capital intensive projects. A working knowledge of spreadsheet analysis will be helpful.

What benefits will the participants have by attending the seminar?

Although the course emphasizes project finance techniques, by attending the course the participants will be able to identify the risks inherent in capital intensive projects and learn about the various risk mitigation techniques. It will also introduce the particpants to hedging techniques such as interest rate and currency swap. Finally, on hand learning of financial modelling will help the participants to evaluate any project with cash flow spread over time, from sponsors’, lenders’ and concessionaire’s (e.g. a government or a utility) perspectives.

The participant must be proficient and fluent in verbal and written English as the entire programme will be conducted in English with no translation.

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