ADFIMI TSKB Joint Conference on “Green Finance” TSKB Conference Hall, Findikli, Istanbul, Turkey, 14-15 May 2014

This is to announce ADFIMI – TSKB Joint Conference on “Green Finance” to be held at TSKB Garden of Eden Training Facility, Findikli, Istanbul, Turkey on 14 – 15 May 2014.

There will be several speakers from the various institutions as can be seen from the attached schedule and details.

Participants will be updated on:

  • Global resources for green finance
  • Sustainable banking
  • Green buildings
  • Energy Sector Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency
  • Green finance practices

There will also be a panel discussing the future of green finance. The conference will end with a visit to a green facility.

It will be a delight to see you and / or your colleagues at the seminar.

Deadline for application is 09 May 2014.

Best regards
Nuri Birtek
Secretary General

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