ALIDE in IDB workshop: “Development Banking Efficiency Contributes to Economic Growth”

During the international workshop carried out by the IDB together with ALIDE, Rommel Acevedo, ALIDE General Secretary stated that development financial institutions not only have a social and institutional role but also an entrepreneurial role.

During the international workshop “Public Development Banking: A Prospective Vision” that was organized by the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) together with ALIDE in Panama, Rommel Acevedo, ALIDE’s General Secretary stated that in the last decades, development banks have not only turned into efficient entities fighting poverty and inequality by using adequate financial products but also into profitable enterprises, whose economic stability guarantees its social task.

He said that development banking had achieved the consolidation of its institutional and operating efficiency. The Peruvian economist explained: “The institutional efficiency is related with the capacity for providing access to credit to sectors with a high economic and social priority that are not attended by private banking, and by promoting investments aimed at preserving the environment, generate employment, promote technological innovation and adaptation”.

With respect to the search of operating and entrepreneurial efficiency, he added that this must be measured by the same channels and methodologies applied to commercial banks and financial intermediaries.

On the other hand, Kart Focke, head of IDB’s Capital Markets Division, pointed out that these institutions need to have an adequate corporate governance, with qualified personnel (from financial professional), that can withstand by any kind of political influence in order to keep their levels of efficiency.

IDB-ALIDE Cooperation
**During the meeting, both IDB and ALIDE showed to be ready to work in a development banking joint agenda that includes, among other points: the evaluation of the impact of public development banks performance, financial and social inclusion; banking; environmental financing; corporate governance; use of electronic media to spread successful experiences, and financial regulation.

About the workshop
With ALIDE collaboration, IDB carried out the international workshop “Public Development Banking: A Future Vision”, directed at public banking actors.

The event addressed the challenges and needs that public development banks shall have in the future. The main topic was “Perspectives on Regional Economy and its Influence on the Banking Sector”, and there were two dialogue tables with high-level experts: “Post-crisis Strengthening of Public Development Banking” and “Financial Inclusion and Banking: the Role of Public Banking in the Commitment to Reduce Inequalities”.