E-LEARNING ALIDE receives international award

ALIDE at distance training program, E-Learning ALIDE, received the international award of the Contest Associations Make a Better World, granted by ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership from the United States of America.

This award started in 2002 to acknowledge successful programs undertaken by associations promoting beneficial impacts in the society and the world’s economies. E-Learning ALIDE participated with a group of projects put forward by the world associations and was the only winner in the category “developing countries”. The honorary mentions went to: (a) Azerbaijan Turkey Historical Research Foundation (ATAF), from Baku, Azerbaijan, with the Project: “Joint action for the regional peace as a model to the social and economic integration in Eurasia” and (b) Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD), from Jakarta, Indonesia, with the project: “Socialization of the best practices in good corporate governance and direction to implement the best practices in corporate governance.

The award was presented at the ASAE & the Center of Association Leadership Annual Meeting & Exposition that took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, in Toronto, Canada, from August 15 to 18, 2009, And was received by Rommel Acevedo, ALIDE General Secretary and Economist Jorge Montesinos, Chief of the Training and Cooperation Program and responsible for the project, traveled to Canada. This distinction was given by Mrs. Velma R. Hart, President of ASAE and Robin Lokerman, President of The Center of Association Leadership.