Excellence Integral Management for Latin American Micro Finances Institutions

The objective is to provide the participants knowledge and methodologies to implement an excellence management for microfinance in your organization, to enable you to conduct, organize and direct the multiple aspects of the business integrally, The strengths, the areas to be improved in the organization, critical development factors in the business will be explored, as well as the direction of the management by process and continuous improvement focused on the customer.

The requests of participation will be received until September 6th. For further information please contact to Program of Training and ALIDE’s Cooperation (Address: Paseo de la República 3211, San Isidro, Lima 27, Perú, Telephone: (511 442-2400), fax: (511 442-8105), E-mail: mangulo@alide.org.pe (Martha Angulo, Ext. 208) dcat@alide.org.pe (Srta. Norma Salas, Ext. 224)

Place and date: Córdoba, Argentina, in September 13 to 16.

Organizers: ALIDE / Banco de Córdoba S. A.