Financial Intermediation Programs for MSMEs: CORFO Practices

Place and date: Santiago, Chile, IV Quarter of 2010
Organizers: ALIDE / Corporación de Fomento de la Producción (CORFO)

This activity is particularly addressed to wholesale development banks
and its main objective is to communicate CORFO vision, policies,
strategies, operations and good practices with regard to its most
successful financing and hedge programs (guarantees) addressed to the
micro, small and medium enterprise sector; the impact of financing on
these enterprises, and the connection with intermediary banks and non
banking financial institutions. In particular, the following programs will
be analyzed: Crédito CORFO Inversión, Crédito CORFO Multisectorial,
Crédito CORFO Microempresa, Leasing CORFO PYME, Crédito CORFO
Exportación, Crédito CORFO Medio Ambiental, COBEX (export loan
hedge), among others.