WFDFI Secretary General meets with KfW officials

On mission in Germany for an ADFIAP project, WFDFI Secretary General Octavio B. Peralta found time to meet with Messrs. Christoph Tiskens, Haje Schutte and Salih Vildirim, Director, Division Chief and Senior Officer of KfW’s Corporate Strategy Investments and International Finance, respectively, to present the activities and projects of the World Federation of Development Financing Institutions (WFDFI) and a possible cooperation between the two institutions. ADFIAP is currently the Secretariat of the WFDFI.

Mr. Peralta had interested the KfW officials on the value proposition of the World Federation in terms of its global network of development finance institutions and its activities and advocacies on sustainable development, notably on assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which are also the sector focus of KfW. It will be recalled that KfW was instrumental in the foundation of the WFDFI in Zurich on June 13, 1979.

KfW is one of the leading and most experienced promotional banks in the world. It applies its knowledge and energy to sustainably improve economic, social and ecological living conditions and finances economic and social progress in developing and transition countries so that people may have better lives.