Virtual Worldwide Directory of Development Banks and DFIs


Special Project

Virtual Worldwide Directory of Development Banks and DFIs

(February 2009)

Thanks to the contributions and data received from the Regional Associations, this Directory has already been prepared and incorporated into the site of the World Federation of Development Financing Institutions/WFDFI

This WFDFI special project is the first effort made at the global level to put together basic institutional information about the development banks and DFIs from all over the world, in order to encourage the exchange of information and possibilities for cooperation and assistance across the board, including joint programs and projects.

We would like to receive suggestions, corrections and additions to the information provided in the Directory. It is our intention to improve its data at least once a year, since we are planning to add further and more complete information in the future versions.

The Regional Associations and the other development banks are invited to add the Directory to their own web pages and to circulate it among their members. We would like to receive information about the actions taken in connection with the Directory.

Rommel Acevedo
Secretary General

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